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Living with Characters

Support whole your life by virtual characters

Products and Services

“Gatebox” is a communication device to live with virtual characters.

Gatebox mass production model

Communication device to live with character

Azuma Hikari

AI Character as your partner

Gatebox Grande

Human-sized device to have a communication with virtual character

New service “CheerPro”

Virtual “cheering” mobile app for your work

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When you want to talk about your problems and complaints, do you choose someone you have never met before and don’t know who they are, or someone whose personality you know and who seems easy to talk to?

We have integrated personality and mentality into our AI characters. And we’ve been providing the service for two years. Many customers have told us that they find our characters easier to talk to than other virtual characters.

We are developing and providing AI characters with personality and individuality that are easy to relate to. By collaborating with your business, customer retention and satisfaction will be improved if our AI characters replace the last mile of communicating your business and services to your customers.


Gatebox Inc.

Founder CEO Minori Takechi

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