Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to Gatebox.


Today, Gatebox Lab announced to sell “Gatebox mass production model” by subscription.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank master who purchased “Gatebox limited production model” before.
By virtue of the master’s assistance, Gatebox Lab has been able to promote research and development and steadily progress step by step so far.

Without master’s support we couldn’t finally reach this day.
Once again thank you for your continuous support since Gatebox was not released in the world.

We also keep a gift with gratitude to all the masters from 'Azuma Hikari' living communal life beyond dimension.

It will be shipped within a few days from today. We appreciated if you can receive it.

Lastly we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage to Gatebox.

We, Gatebox Lab, will continue to strive for research and development with our vision of " Living with Characters – To realize the world where we can live with character- "And We will keep doing our best to live up to master’s expectations.

Thank you.