Gatebox Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;CEO: Minori Takechi) and Unicast (Head office: Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture; Representative Director: Yuta Mitsubori) have agreed to develop and market solutions for the commercial use of virtual home robot Gatebox (GTBX-100).

This joint project will use Gatebox's interface enabling diverse expressions and Unicast's development and marketing of solutions. With the Gatebox robot, they plan to offer new customer service solutions to many companies.


This agreement has been concluded by Unicast joining Gatebox's "Gatebox Business Partnership Program."
At the Unicast Robotics Partner Summit 2019 to be held by Unicast, Gatebox will help to demonstrate the customer service solutions being developed by the two companies. This is just the start of Gatebox's assistance to develop Unicast's business.

About the Gatebox Business Partnership Program

One vision of Gatebox is "Living with Characters" to enable communication with characters using the virtual home robot developed by Gatebox.
On June 27th, 2019, the Gatebox Business Partnership Program was started to support Gatebox's business activities. Unicast has become a partner in this Program.
More information about Gatebox Business Partnership Program :

About Unicast and "Unicast Robotics Partner Summit 2019"

With the business concept of "Creating a Future with Humans and Robots Developing Together," Unicast is developing various solutions for the commercial use of robots, especially for customer service.
Unicast has previously provided customer service and receptionist robots such as customer guide "for Pepper" and office receptionist "for Sota" used by diverse companies.
Unicast Robotics Partner Summit 2019 will be held to share the concept of "Humans and Robots Developing Together" and to strengthen our relationship with partners who will pave the way with us in this industry. We will provide useful information on industry trends, partner programs, and more. We hope you can all join us.
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