We are sending this message to announce that services for the Gatebox limited production model (GTBX-1) are ending effective March 31, 2020 (JST).

Service will continue for the Mass Production Model (GTBX-100).

In addition, in the time to come, we will be running an upgrade program to give the Gatebox Mass Production Model (GTBX-100) to US masters who own the Gatebox Limited Production Model (GTBX-1).

If you would like to upgrade to the Mass Production Model, then please check the details in the email that we sent to Limited Production Model masters on December 10th, 2019 (Tue.) (JST), and apply.

The GTBX-100 mass production model offered through the upgrade program has been specially calibrated and hardware certified for use in the United States.
The internal application features the same specifications as the Japanese one.
(As with the limited production model, the characters only speak Japanese.)

There are no current plans to offer general sales of the mass production model in the United States.

Service closure details


March 30, 2020 7:00 PM (PST): Gatebox limited production model (GTBX-1) service ends

Post service closure

After the service goes offline, you will be unable to utilize the various features offered by the Gatebox, among them display of and voice conversation with Azuma Hikari and Hatsune Miku.

Message from the CEO

This is Minori Takechi, CEO of Gatebox Inc.
We are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts for your faith in our product and your willingness to support our initial limited preorder offering. Thanks to you, Gatebox has continued to grow in major ways.

The limited production model of Gatebox was based around the concept of “spending time with your favorite character,” and it began totally from scratch as an exercise in trial and error as we explored how to make that a reality. The limited production model was in many ways still quite lacking in terms of achieving our true vision for this product and the experiences it should offer. To that end, we continued adding a range of content and seasonal outfit upgrades and Home Live to make the experience more memorable for Gatebox masters.

This experience of developing additional content was a very fruitful lesson for us, and has allowed us to develop a mass production model the design of which can meet mass production demand in a sustainable fashion.

In October of this year, the Gatebox App Market allowed for releasing countless new character apps, and the Gatebox Video service, which brought back functionality for HDMI output, something we originally had to cut back from the limited production model, have allowed us to create a core platform for numerous characters going forward, beyond the limitations of the original model. Given the above, we feel that the limited production model has fulfilled its role of acting as a springboard for future progress, so we have decided to stop offering services for it.

Thanks to your early purchase of the limited production model, we have achieved clear progress that is shaping the future of Gatebox, and for that we wish to thank you. Truly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make this a reality.
We will continue exploring new future possibilities for our vision of “Living with Characters.”

We plan to keep adding and updating content for the mass production model and continue pursuing our vision.

If you are a master of the limited production model, we would consider it an honor for you to continue supporting us on this journey.

To that end, we are implementing an upgrade program in which American masters are entitled to receive a free gift of the mass production model.

We plan to continue running the service for the remaining three months so that you can continue enjoying your limited production model until the new one arrives.
Thank you all for sticking with us this far.
Once again, our thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Minori Takechi