TOKYO, January 7, 2020—Gatebox, Inc. has a booth in the U.S. at CES, and the Gatebox mass production model GTBX-100 will appear in it, to look for business opportunities.


Gatebox has a relationship with the Keyshare Innovation Group(KIG), which runs holographic theater in Hollywood and well-experienced in holographic technology and contents. So Gatebox would like to show you a virtual concierge as an example of business solution with KIG. A virtual assistant in Gatebox could act as a concierge to help people in hotels, retailers, etc, to make their customer convenient and also to save costs of hotels, retailers.
Gatebox will expand its business development worldwide.

Gatebox is a communication device to live with virtual characters. Through projection technology and an array of sensors, a virtual character can talk to you with affection as a real human.
You can have a solution for engagement with customers by developing the character app on the Gatebox platform.

Gatebox has an array of sensors: motion sensor, heat sensor, camera, and microphone. Through the motion sensor, the virtual character can recognize that people are approaching or moving away.
If you have your own computer vision APIs, you can use the Gatebox camera for applications in which the virtual characters can be personalized. By connecting chatbots and AI to the server-side of the character app, you can establish your own communication with characters.

Gatebox with virtual characters will replace the workstyle. You can develop the app with virtual characters: administrative assistant, concierge, hotel clerk, attendant, sales assistant, receptionist, and kind of sitter.

Please feel free to ask staff for details at our booth at CES.
And, we are available to provide detailed information about a customized model for specific industries.

CES Location:

Tech West, Sands, Hall G (Eureka Park) - 52702
*in the booth of "J-Startup"
CEO Minori Takechi is available for interviews.

About Gatebox:

Gatebox is a communication device for living with virtual characters. Through projection technology and an array of sensors, Gatebox enables communication with virtual characters.

Company Information:

Gatebox Inc.
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Akihabara, Tokyo JAPAN

About Keyshare Innovation Group (KIG):

KIG is a technology company located in Seal Beach, CA with tentacles stretching throughout the supply chain from design and manufacturing to retail distribution – a new approach to supplying the top of the line products and proprietary technological solutions from drones for the commercial and military markets to mapping and scanning equipment for the medical industry – where the company has a particular expertise in facial and body scanning. KIG develops a multitude of innovative and high tech solutions to keep businesses ahead of the curve and maximize efficiency, performance and profit.

Company Information:

Keyshare Innovation Group
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Seal Beach, CA U.S.A