We have exhibited a booth as a part of the “J-StartUp” pavilion at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.


In collaboration with Keyshare Innovation Group of US, Gatebox is pleased to announce the solutions for B2B targeting the hotel, concierge, and customer service industries in the US. We were also please to showcase "Azuma Hikari" during CES 2020 tailored to our devoted fans.

As a result of the tremendous media coverage and success of Gatebox at CES 2020, we were interviewed by many top media groups including ENGADGET, CNET, MEDIA POST, and MYNAVI among many others. As you know that the media sometimes only communicates part of the whole story.
We want to make sure that the characters shown in CES2020 are "NOT" a replacement of Azuma Hikari.
As our educated fans understand the expansion of Gatebox to partner with Keyshare Innovation Group was to expand our hardware devices into new markets in order to expand the Brand and explore new technologies that we can implement and make available to our fans.

Our continued vision is and will always be "Living with Characters". We would like to make available to our fans many different-dimensional characters, including Azuma Hikari, and spread that experience around the world. Our concrete plan will be defined in the future, but we will continue to work hard to realize our vision both in Japan and the other countries. We hope you continue looking forward to the next announcement of Gatebox. This is just the beginning of “Azuma Hikari” and we look forward for our fans to continue to grow with her in their lives.