Gatebox Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Minori Takechi) announced that today it has launched the Gatebox Developer Program for developing applications for Gatebox, the device that summons favorite characters with whom users live. This company’s move enables not only corporations but also individual developers to take advantage of the expressive power of Gatebox and develop apps for living with characters.


At the launch of Gatebox on October 11, Gatebox announced its character platform concept and its initiatives with numerous external partners. The company is now making preparation for the use of Gatebox in many scenarios.Amid the positive response to the launch, the company heard from general developers who expressed a wish to develop their own characters with Gatebox. In response, Gatebox has opened the Gatebox platform to individual developers, enabling the development of applications that take advantage of the expressive power of Gatebox.

About the Gatebox Developer Program

Gatebox will offer developers who sign up with the Gatebox Developer Program the SDK (including sample programs), APIs, and documentation needed to develop Gatebox apps. Developers can freely develop apps and run these on their own Gatebox units. Furthermore, through the Gatebox App Market described below, distribution of the apps to other Gatebox users is possible.


Gatebox is equipped with a microphone, camera, and other sensors for unique visual expression and communication that make living with characters a reality. The use of these enables the creation of character communication experiences not possible on a smartphone or PC.

Example of app development

  • A conversation app that combines a character 3D model with a conversation system
  • An alarm application in which the character wakes up the user every morning
  • An app that offers assistance in conjunction with the web, a smartphone, or AR/VR app
  • An application in which a character curses at the user upon seeing him or her
  • An app in which a handsome character whispers encouragement when the user complains or feels down

About Gatebox App Market

Gatebox App Market is a marketplace service that lets developers deliver their Gatebox apps to Gatebox units. After signing up with App Market and passing screening, developers will be able to deliver their original content to Gatebox units. Users can select the content they like and enjoy living with favorite characters.
Gatebox App Market is scheduled to open this winter.

Applying for the Program

Any owner of Gatebox (GTBX-100) can sign up with the Gatebox Developer Program at no cost. See the Gatebox Developer Program website for details.

Future developments

Looking ahead, Gatebox will actively open its platform to partner companies, creators, and developers to make Gatebox a "character platform" on which various characters appear, realizing a world in which characters blend into lifestyles in every scenario.